Table missed colgroup when in nodeView

The table missed the tbody and colgroup when I wrap the table with a nodeView which have dom and contentDOM. The contentDOM is created by DOMSerializer serializeNode, and it has colgroup and tbody. However, the table missed colgroup and tbody after rendered by the node view. I find colgroup and tbody are removed by renderDescs function. I don’t knowt this is the bug of renderDescs or I am short of some important information of Prosemirror. My Table Schame like this:

table = {
  attrs: {
    colwidth: { default: [] },
  toDOM: () => {
    return ['table', attrs,  ['colgroup', => ['col', { width: `${n}pt` }])], ['tbody', 0]];

I think you’re assigning the wrong node to contentDOM — it should be the <tbody> element. If you put the <table> in there it’ll indeed replace all its children with the (ProseMirror) table node’s children, which are the rows.

thank you so much.Such a quick response. It helps me!!