Test failures on a new clone of prosemirror and running `pm test`

I dont personally use the markdown module but there is one failure on master and another in prosemirror-view screen coordinates test. But since its a browser test, was wondering if there is something different about my set up and others get a clean no-failure run (let me know if you’d like to know my node version, OS etc.)

1) markdown
       doesn't fail with line break inside inline mark:
     !eq(doc(paragraph(strong("text1 text2"))), doc(paragraph(strong("text1\ntext2")))) at parse (file:///prosemirror/markdown/test/test-parse.js:6:5)

2) Browser tests (chrome)
           produces sensible screen coordinates around line breaks:
     Error: 9 != 8 at http://localhost:35503/_m/view/test/webtest-selection.js:194:13

If I recall, there was a recent change to screen coordinate checking, not sure if relevant.

P.S. Figured I’d post here first to see if others see the same thing - if not, still curious what might be different for the browser test - but can also post on the github repository, just let me know.

Indeed, seems there was one outdated test in the markdown package, and a regression caused by a Chrome behavior change. Attached patches should resolve them.

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Most excellent @marijn :pray: