The content of two consecutive nodes of the same NodeSpec is joined when pasting back

I define such NodeSpec

value: {
        content: 'text*',
        isolating: true,
        attrs: {type: {default: "text"}},
        parseDOM: [{tag: 'span[type]', getAttrs: node => {
            console.log('parse', node)
            return {type: node.getAttribute('type')}
        toDOM: node =>  ["span", node.attrs, 0]

I use it to parse the initial document content

<span type="time">18:00</span>
<span type="place">xxx</span>

It results into two value nodes.

Now I select them all, and delete them, and then paste them back. They join together into one value.

But I’d like to keep them as they are. How could I do it?

I can’t reproduce the joining. Are these block nodes, as the spec suggests? I see them split the node that’s being pasted into (but being joined to the rest of that node on both sides).

I changed my code a lot since then. Now I can’t reproduce it either. Regret that I did not make a demo.