There is a bug in mark's nodeview

I’m using the nodeview to render a mark. But when I remove the mark, the nodeview won’t be destroy.

You mean the destroy method isn’t called? That’s true — mark views don’t support any of the node view methods. I’ve pushed a patch to make this clearer in the docs.

Thanks for your reply. Yeah, that’s what I mean. I’m trying to render a tooltip for link mark with React. But now should I define link as a node?

link: {
    group: "inline",
    content: "text*",
    inline: true,
    attrs: {
      href: {},
    parseDOM: [
        tag: "a[href]",
        getAttrs(dom) {
          return {
            href: dom.getAttribute("href"),
    toDOM(node) {
      let { href } = node.attrs;
      return ["a", { href }, 0];

Modeling links as nodes is probably not a good idea. And including extra stuff in a mark’s DOM representation is likely to cause problems anyway. You could try placing the tooltips with an editor-wide plugin instead of leaving it to the mark itself.

Well, Thanks for your advice.