"There was an error in the WYSIWYG editor"

The syadmin just yesterday installed ProseMirror into the dokuwiki system on which I’m editing I used it today for a whole 10 minutes before getting this error:

Can anyone suggest what might be going wrong?

I do NOT have sysadmin rights, nor do I know anything about wikis. I was an IT tech, however, so if someone can explain it in general IT terms, that would be helpful.


This is probably not the best place to figure this out. Maybe find whatever project that is used for the docuwiki integration and ask there, or ask your admin if they can help debug this.

Thanks, but my sysadmin knows nothing about wikis, let alone troubleshooting them. He also already works most of his spare time on the main development project. I wish he had time to help with troubleshooting. :smiley:

What is meant by dokuwiki integration?

@hogwild this is not a forum for dokuwiki or its integration. I will recommend reading a bit more about what Prosemirror library does (https://prosemirror.net) and ask any specific questions regarding it so that you can be helped.

Yes, I understand that. I never asked for it. I asked what the previous poster meant by that term. I had a crash that was supposedly caused by ProseMirror. Is it wrong to ask about ProseMirror in that case? I have no understanding of programming, and I don’t have time to learn, so looking at code examples/documentation probably won’t be helfpul.

I think the original point is that someone wrote some code to integrate prosemirror into dokuwiki - likely some plugin. So the recommendation is that you communicate with the author(s) of what plugin that is. If the underlying cause of the issue is prosemirror then they can communicate the issue and any steps to reproduce using prose mirror outside of any other framework such as dokuwiki. So perhaps figure out which plugin is using prosemirror and find that on the dokuwiki site and communicate with the author of that. There seem to be several plugins that use prose mirror.

Actually there is probably just this one and the others are some posts just mentioning prose mirror. So maybe email the authors or posts on that forum.

Thanks very much. I have no idea what I’m doing, and this should get me going in the right direction.

Darn! They don’t do support for free users. I guess I have to live with the frequent crashes.