Turn off ordered and bulleted list shortcuts

I’ve figured out I can turn of keyboard shortcuts by passing a modified keymap with plugins, but I’m not sure how I turn of shortcuts related to patterns in the text. When I type "1. " ProseMirror automatically creates an ordered list. Is there a way to turn this behavior off?

That’s an InputRule behavior.

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You’re probably using prosemirror-example-setup? You should only include the nodes in the schema which should actually be supported. You can do this by passing your own schema to the new Schema() constructor which only includes a subset of the standard example-setup schema.

If you do this prosemirror-example-setup/inputrules.ts at 5d19d6763edfabb0cc6340bc9a626151bde22c9a · ProseMirror/prosemirror-example-setup · GitHub will automatically do what you want.