Undo autoformatting

Hey Marijn,

First thanks for great work. I have a requirement to undo auto-formatting without undo of text that user entered on Cmd-Z. Can you plz suggest how this can be approached.


What do you mean by ‘auto-formatting’?

Oh I should have made it more clear, I mean input-rule used for formatting.

The inputrules plugin binds backspace to undoing the latest auto-change. I could also expose this as a command that you can bind to other keys, I guess. Would that help you?

Thanks a lot Marijn - for your quick response and considering the requirement. That will solve my purpose :slight_smile:

Hey @marijn, by when should we expect this feature to be available ?

Hey @marijn, can you plz let me know by when this feature get released ?

This is rude. If you want to have control over the way I prioritize my work, consider becoming a paying customer. Don’t spam me with requests for volunteer work here. I’ll get to your issue when I have nothing more pressing to do, right now I am working on other stuff, and the more you spam, the lower you end up on the list.

Hey Marijn,

Apologies if that sounded rude to you. By no means do I want to control your work prioritization. I am fine with you keep it low on priority list - I understand you have other priorities.

I just that an idea of by when change will be available can help, but its ok if you have not yet planned for it.

Regards, Jyoti

This patch makes the inputrules module export a command undoInputRule, and makes it so that it doesn’t bind any key by default anymore, so that if you need this feature, you have to bind it to a key yourself.

Thanks @marijn