Unknown Node Types

I have a case where the input dom is not always known. So the schema will not have a node type defined for every possible element coming in from the dom. But I do not want to lose or modify the original unknown dom elements. I would like to just display these unknown dom elements as non-editable nodes in the editor. Is there a way to do this? Some kind of catch all for nodes not defined in the schema?

I would also need to be able to serialize these unknown elements back into the source format with no changes made to them.

Interesting use case. It may be possible to setup a node that acts as a catchall.

Something like:

  tag: "*", // css selector to match everything
  priority: 0, // make it have the lowest priority

You’ll also need to setup toDOM and fromDOM handlers. These will somehow need to act like pass throughs. Look at http://prosemirror.net/ref.html#model for help on setting up a custom node type in your schema.

Overall, I think it is possible but will take some fiddling learning to figure out how it should work.

This method totally worked. Thanks a bunch for pointing me in the right direction @wes-r. Beyond setting up the parseDOM and toDOM methods for the nodes I also made a nodeview to display them differently and keep them un-editable.

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@jordandh This is probably a real long shot, but I have the same use case, and was wondering if you could share the solution you came up with?

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