Vertical Scrolling not working on Chrome 74

After updating the Chrome to version 74, vertical scrolling has stopped working. Is there any workaround ?

Hi @manoju

Is this still an issue in version 75? If yes, could you post an example where this happens? I’ve noticed no such issues.

Hi @frederik

We are using version 74 at the moment and not sure when we will move to 75 or so. I am not allowed to share any screenshots.

Earlier the editor used to fit in the browser/screen size and when the content grew it showed vertical scrollbars but now in Chrome 74 editor goes out of bounds vertically and therefore no scrollbar appear and we are not able to scroll to see the content.

I had to set parent max-height manually to (90vh or 72%) to make it fit to the screen and child height to 100%.

Is there any dynamic solution to it ?

It would be helpful to know whether this is a Chrome bug that was fixed after 74 because I cannot reproduce it with a current version.

There is this one for instance If you could post a link to a codepen or sth else for us to reproduce the issue, it’d be a big help