Want to ignore parse in certain situations

I’m making a wrapper called a photo grid. The photo grid sets content to have only two to four images.

content: 'image{2,4}'

With three images, I want to delete the images one by one and remove them from the photo grid when I have one image left.

Basically, the behavior of ProseMirror seems to automatically fill up the insufficient content when deleting.

What I want is to make sure that parsDOM doesn’t parse with the photo grid in certain situations, but this option doesn’t seem to exist.

parseDOM() {
  return [
      tag: 'div[data-type="photo-grid"]',
      // ex
      validate: (element) => element.childNodes.length >= 2 && element.childNodes.length <= 4

There will be various situations where i need to check the changes in content, is there a good way to handle it? (For example, when inserting initial data / inserting or moving with drag / cutting or removing with keyboard, etc.)

Use getAttrs to validate the DOM, and return false if you don’t want the rule to apply.

I made a simple example. Even if getAttrs is returned to false, it is output to that node.

I want to make rendering ignored to that node if validate fails.

By adding your node before the paragraph type, you make it the default node type for wrapping inline content that isn’t already wrapped in a textblock. The node you’re seeing there was not produced by your parse rule.

I understood order of the schema. Thank you!