What is OpenStart and OpenEnd use for?

I’m trying to insert a slice into the contents of a node and i’m trying to figure out what the openStart and openEnd are. I read that it refers to the open start depth and open end depth but that doesn’t really add any information in terms of how or why I should set it. What is an example of when I would want it to be 0 or 1 ?

Think of it as the amount of open/close tokens to skip at the start/end of the content. A replace step must ‘fit’ into the position it it inserted in, in that the tokens it inserts should, when replacing the tokens it covers, still produce a valid document. So for example to split a paragraph, you need to insert </p><p> tokens, so you create a slice holding <p></p><p></p> and set openStart and openEnd to 1.

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Whoa, that’s a really helpful way to describe this.

Do you think it would be appropriate to add an explanation like this to the guide somewhere if not already present? Thanks!