What might prevent "Enter" from creating a new paragraph?

I made some changes to the way I setup the schema and define the keymap.

Everything works, except pressing “Enter” at the end of a paragraph to create a new paragraph.

I think it might have something to do with my schema and not the keymaps. Even if I return only the baseKeymap it doesn’t work.

9 PM

I modified my enter-command. To see which command was getting called:

When I press “Enter” at the end of the paragraph. The splitBlock command is being called:



Turns out this is a total red-herring. I just switched to master, where the keymap is working, and I’m gettting the same output.

9:35 PM

Copied the keymap file from the new branch to master. Keymaps work, so the problem is definitely not there.

10:03 PM

I started digging into the splitBlock command. It looks like it thinks it should run, but isn’t being run.

With some logging…

I’m seeing that the default type is blockquote. I’m guessing that should be paragraph.

10:07 PM

Confirmed. The issue was that, in the refactor, I listed the nodes alphabetically:


Turns out the order matter :man_shrugging: This has fixed the issue: