When is editorView.dragging non-null?

According to the docs, editorView.dragging should be non-null if something is being dragged:

When editor content is being dragged, this object contains information about the dragged slice and whether it is being copied or moved. At any other time, it is null.

I am logging editorView.dragging in a dispatchTransaction that I add via editorView.setProps.

However, even when dragging and dropping content, editorView.dragging always appears to be null.

Should it be not-null? Am I misunderstanding how to use it? I’m trying to figure out from a Transaction if content is being dragged, and this seems like a simple way to do it, but I’m clearly missing something…

When the drop transaction happens, the dragging has finished, and this property will be null again. If you check it while the content is actually being dragged around, you’ll see an object.

Ah interesting. I guess that means that I won’t be able to determine in dispatchTransaction() if something had been dragged/dropped?

I think I found a different approach for my case that solved my issue, however. Thank you!