Which icon set does Prosemirror use?

I was wondering if anyboy knows which icon set ProseMirror is using. I want to add an image icon, but need to find teh corresponding iconset, if there is one.

The ProseMirror-menu repo uses SVG paths to render the icons, see https://github.com/ProseMirror/prosemirror-menu/blob/master/src/menu.js for details.

Well I am looking for an image icon. But it isn’t listed there. So I was wondering if ProseMirror uses some icon set, so I can find/buy that icon set and retrieve a path from there.

Or just replace the prosemirror svg paths with the ones conforming to the rest of your app, UI stuff needs to be customized in most real cases anyway, I guess.

When we needed a couple new icons for new schema marks we added, we modified the example-setup repo to work with FontAwesome icons, since our site was already loading those on the page ProseMirror will be on.

Here’s the changes we made if you’d like an example. https://github.com/iFixit/prosemirror-example-setup/commit/a702e262902a24fefcd9cb31816337dfba29bf48

Marijn, is there a link to where the current svg icons set came from ? or can you give some info on how you created them ? is that from open-iconic ?

I want to add some more icons and thinking if I can find existing ones of the same set (underline etc) ? thx!

I used https://icomoon.io/ , they are mostly from Font Awesome but a few come from other sets.

http://fontello.com/ is an alternative open source tool.