Why do comments in the collab demo disappear when associated text is cut and pasted?

Is this an inherent limitation or just a “feature” of the demo? when for instance bold text is cut and pasted it stays bold.

Comments, when implemented as marked ranges as the demo does, are part of the document metadata, not the document itself. As such, they aren’t copied to the clipboard when you copy a piece of content.

I see. Would you have a suggestion for how to implement “cut and pastable” comments or other metadata associated with ranges of text? More specifically I am looking for ways to associate attributes (fx author name, signatures dates etc) with ranges of text. I would like to be able to create the association by marking the text and selecting the associated attribute.

You could use regular, in-document marks. Though that might have some properties, such as being able to split a piece of marked text by inserting something inside of it, that are also not what you want.

Thanks I will give that a try. The splitability should be manageable I think.