Wrapping multiple elements



I’m trying to wrap multiple elements within another node. Specifically, I am trying to wrap two paragraphs within a custom node that I have defined.

In my schema definition, I defined the NodeSpec like so:

org_property: {
      defining: true,
      priority: 60,
      group: "block",
      content: "paragraph{2}",
      parseDOM: [{tag: 'div.orgProperty[data-label="property-label"]'}],
      toDOM() { return ["div", {"data-label": "property-label", "class": "orgProperty"}, 0] }

I’ve also defined an InputRule to recognize when text needs to be converted into a org_property.

When I match this input rule, I call a function that returns a transaction, like so:

function handleOrgPropertyRule(state, match, start, end) {
  let trans = state.tr
  let resstart = trans.doc.resolve(start)
  let resend = trans.doc.resolve(end)
  let span = new NodeRange(resstart, resend, 1)
  // In order to insert my org_property, it needs to fit in the document.
  // insertPoint says I should insert at (start - 1).
  let whereinsert = insertPoint(trans.doc, start, state.schema.nodes.org_property)
  let find = findWrapping(span, state.schema.nodes.org_property, {}) // Returns NULL.
  trans.wrap(span, [{type: state.schema.nodes.org_property, attrs: {}}]) // This seems to fail... since we can't find an appropriate wrapping.
  return trans;

At this point, wrap() will fail because we can’t find an appropriate place to insert this within the range. My initial thought was that we can’t insert it because I require two paragraphs, so I attempted to split the current node with the split() function, to no avail.

Currently, I get an error reporting that I have Invalid content for node paragraph. I’m using the paragraph definition from the example-setup. I think this makes sense because the content of a paragraph is “inline*”. I don’t actually want to be inserting inside the paragraph… but rather wrap the paragraph node instead. I notice that insertPoint() reports that I should be inserting a org_property just one position before the start of the match, but any time I try to wrap outside of the original start and end positions, I usually get an undefined error.

Does anyone have any advise on how I would go about wrapping the paragraphs with my custom node?


I am trying to solve the same thing. Were you ever able to figure this out?