Writing a custom `EditorView` using a UI library

Hey there! I was researching my options for customizing the view layer of prosemirror, and while there are faster ways for customization (NodeViews, decorations, etc), I wanted to see if it’s possible to actually rewrite the EditorView using a UI library.

The EditorView class, as I understand it, is composed of three parts: a renderer, a DOM observer, and input event handlers. In my case, I wanted to use the same DOM observer and input handlers, while rewriting the renderer using Solid.js. Is it as straightforward as this or am I missing something?

Thank you, this is such an awesome library!

This isn’t supported, and I expect it’ll be quite impractical—there’s assumptions about the way the DOM is structured all over the rest of the view code.

Oh, I see. I’ll stick to NodeViews then. Thank you!