How can i keep html custom tags without create node?

I have these html string, eg. <p><text></text><cite></cite></p>. I’m just create text node to parse dom, but not cite tag. Now, if i do not something, prosemirror will remove cite tag in web dom. eg. <p><text></text></p>. How can i keep cite tag?

This is not something you’ll want to use ProseMirror for—its approach is to constrain content to match the schema. If you don’t need that, a classical HTML editor is probably more appropriate for your use case.

I’m sorry that I didn’t make my requirements clear. I need ProseMirror to help me implement some custom manipulation functions, such as adding an image or styling a paragraph of text, but the text comes from an existing HTML that already has many nodes.I just need to operate on some nodes and leave the others as they are.

Try looking at this post: Unknown Node Types.