How the heck do I use this with React?

How have others integrated this with React? Ive searched the forums and there are so many different solutions. Some very outdated, some just seem like snippets of code.

Is there a ready to use repo with the best practices for integrating this with React?

For me, I am looking to the following features, rich text editor + image upload with FileStack or Imagekit.

I can’t imagine I am the only one here using this with React :open_mouth:

Well mister what you are asking isn’t really trivial. I did my best as I just posted in my example GitHub - TeemuKoivisto/prosemirror-react-typescript-example: Minimal boilerplate to start a project with ProseMirror, React, TypeScript but it is not easy nor something you can just do with a wave of hand. Probably you should use a framework unless you really want to dive deep with PM + React plumbing. PM is not maybe the most beginner-friendly rich-text editing framework to pick.

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I have created a library called which aims to add minimum wrapper around PM to work with React. You can find an introductory post higher level Prosemirror components.

We adopted for this, and are really happy with it. Very well architectured.

With React, I’ve found getting started is easy but extending it is hard. For example, you can just allow prosemirror-view and prosemirror-state to mount itself and handle all the rich text editing, and then extract the document state when persistence is needed.

One pain point that I haven’t figured out is using prosemirror with React and server-side rendering (e.g. nextjs). And that’s because without react custom node views, prosemirror-view depends on document existing to be able to create elements.

Between those three libraries, is there one with a minimal demo with server-side rendering? I’ve tried looking into remirror before since it does have an SSR extension, but adopting it seems like learning another separate library on top of prosemirror.

I’m using PM with SSR (Next.js) which works, at least for me, without any special work. But to be honest I’m not actually server-side rendering the editor HTML, just mounting the editor normally and setting the state in useEffect before painting so for the user the experience is the same. I wrote about this in my very long thread and came to a conclusion that it’s probably not very useful to SSR the editor doc as it’s a big hassle for not that big of a performance bonus and I don’t think you need it for SEO purposes.

Also I would mention TipTap as one option as they are planning to support React in their next major release alongside rewriting everything in TS. Our Plan for tiptap 2 – überdosis and tiptap v2 · Issue #547 · ueberdosis/tiptap · GitHub

We started with the CZI React-based ProseMirror as a base to build our LICIT editor. The base code is React, but we also create Angular components that consume the React based editor. Perhaps you can explore the source to get some ideas.

Hi @viperfx ! I’ve had a great experience with use-prosemirror. As it is a very minimal integration and idiomatic for React functional components.

Basic example: use-prosemirror Basic example - CodeSandbox

And the author is a brilliant engineer and helped me with many topics.

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