New website design live

About three months ago, I asked for help improving the website design. It’s taken me a while to follow up on that, but I finally managed to, and just put the new design live.

The design was kindly contibuted by @benjamin of Atlassian. I think it’s a giant improvement over my original attempt. Many thanks! (Note that on a few points, I adjusted his original design, so if something is awful, that’s likely my fault, not Benjamin’s.)

I still didn’t get around to writing of more documentation and copy, so the text is largely still the old stuff. That’s going to be one of the next priorities.

Any testing of the new website is much appreciated. If you run into something broken, comment here or open an issue on github.


I noticed that the links to the guides no longer work. They are peppered around the docs.

Did the guides move? Did they get lost in the transition?

Quick note: Users may need to empty their cache in order to get the new site! (I was really worried when I first loaded it as I saw the old site but buggy).

I had some relative links that no longer worked because their source document moved. The guides are still there, you can see them listed at

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great ! very stark IMO with all the black but that’s a matter of taste …

One thing to mention is that the sample editor on the main page has the text “Try it out by typing in here or see more examples.” with examples blue as in a link so I think one of the first things a newcomer will do is try to click on “examples” which does nothing :frowning:

One question:

The reference manuals for previous versions used to be on the website. Is this gone now? I cannot find it anymore. Are there instructions for how to build them if one has the sources?

They are here now. I did set up redirects from the old URLs. Is one of them not working for you?

Ah thanks! No, I just couldn’t find them in the menus. But this is all I need.

I miss the old logo … the owl looking in the mirror was cute!

Also, the use of black is a bit daunting and the slanted BG is unsettling.

The new web site is indeed a big improvement, however I’d like to see it use more screen width, something most everyone has these days. And if it is responsive, it will adjust as needed.

also none of the examples shows lists

So sorry to hear that.

Wide lines are not great for readability. The bigger pages will put a table of contents to the left of the content. I don’t have many other ideas for how to use that space.

The markdown example does.

Are the demos linked from the new site? I found those very useful in getting started and it would be a shame if others couldn’t find them.

Yes, click the ‘Examples’ link in the top bar.

Oops. Totally missed it! Was looking for it under the documentation section where it was before.