Use marks in custom extension

hi again. like mentioned here: Initialize nested extensions and pass attrs to them i am using a custom extension, but i am not able to use here some marks/nodes like headline and lists. is there a possibility to activate them there?

i already tried marks: '_' in the schema, but is has no effect.

hope somebody has an answer to this.

The nodes that are included in your schema should be available (though you may need to create UI elements to insert/choose them before you can actually use them). Your description doesn’t really tell me enough to guess what’s going wrong here.

well i am creating one of my custom elements in prosemirror, which is basically a div with a special class. Then i want to use the headline-mark inside the text i have written there. But currently nothing happens, when i am pressing on the “heading”-button to format the text. Is there any information that i missed to give you? if so, which information?

There’s no headline mark. Headings are a node type, just like paragraphs.

a damn you’re right, sorry. but do i have to call each node in the content-attribute of the schema or is there option to make every node usable inside it?

or do i have to make something like: content: '(paragraph | heading | bullet_list | ordered_list) (paragraph | heading | bullet_list | ordered_list)*' to achive that the content could be any of those nodes?

thank you so much already again!

This page might answer a lot of your questions.

yes. thank you :scream: