Why is prosemirror-tables not maintained?

I am developing a rich table editing UI using prosemirror-tables. (this plugin from atlassian comes close, Thanks for publishing it.)

I am currently satisfied with the commands and useful functions provided by prosemirror-tables, but there are a few places where type definitions are missing and I am submitting a Pull Request.

I would like to merge these if possible, but it seems that prosemirror-tables is not maintained right now. Is there some reason why they are difficult to maintain? @eshvedai @marijn

It seems that not maintaining is mentioned on several topics on this site. ref: Why selectedCell decoration so slow in large document

It appears that the functions related to table have also been removed from Atlassian’s prosemirror-utils library. ref

Or is it possible to have me added as a maintainer? I will not do active maintenance such as feature requests, but only minor modifications and responses to issues.

I wrote prosemirror-tables for Atlassian with the understanding that it would be something that I’d hand off to them, rather than maintain myself. So if you want to ask to be added as a contributor, you’ll have to somehow get through to one of the current maintainers. Maybe try email?

Thanks for your response! I’ll try email.